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Metal Case for ROCK 5B Tutorial

Radxa has designed a specially customized metal case for the ROCK 5 Model B single board computer. The case is sturdy and provides protection for the board while also allowing easy access to all the ROCK 5B's ports. It also has cooling function which provides passive cooling to the board, ensuring that the ROCK 5B remains cool even under the most demanding conditions. This nifty case is the perfect solution for keeping your ROCK 5B running smoothly and efficiently.

When you receive Metal Case for ROCK 5B, please check the product list:

  • 1x Aluminum cooling top cover
  • 1x Front plastic plate
  • 1x Rear plastic plate
  • 1x Bottom cover
  • 1x thermally conductive silicone grease
  • 4x KM2x8 screws for installing bottom cover

Installation Steps

  • Coat the heat conduction column of the heatsink and the SOC of ROCK 5B with heat conduction silicone grease.

  • As shown in the picture, align the SOC with the thermally conductive copper pillar.

  • As shown in the figure, note that the cylindrical modules of the plastic shells on both sides should be aligned with the structure of the radiator.

  • Align the four pillars of the bottom plate with the exposed copper area of ROCK 5B.

  • Finally, fix the bottom cover with screws.