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Hardware Revisions History

CM5 X2.0:

  • Add eMMC configuration on the core board.
  • Change the original eMMC interface of CM5 to SDMMC
  • Remove the WIFI_HOST_WAKE_E network and add SD_PWR_ON
  • Move the status indicator LED from the baseboard to the core board.

CM5 X2.1:

  • Add voltage divider resistors to HDMI_TX0_HPD detection
  • Add MOS control for SDMMC_DET_L
  • Change Ethernet PHY Config resistors: R90388 to NC, R90387 to 4.7K.
  • Change FAN on IO board to 2 PIN 5V circuit.

CM5 V2.2:

  • Move the 4 MOSFETs and 8 matching resistors controlled by HDMI0_TX_ON_H to the core board.
  • Move HDMI DDC and CEC signals from the IO board to the core board, add level conversion UM3204H.
  • Make the main control chip compatible with RK3588S2 design, add 2 resistors.
  • Swap positions of I2C5: 80/82 Pin to meet RPI's 3.3V I2C requirement, exchange positions with I2C7.

CM5 V2.21:

  • Connect 220nF capacitors in series on the 4 HDMI signal lines to support RPI's HDMI.