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Documentation guidelines


With the exception of the Other Systems directory below, everything is centered around Radxa OS (Radxa's customized system based on Debian).

Getting Started

Introduces system burn-in, system login, accessory use, etc. for users to get started quickly.

Radxa OS

Radxa OS is a customized operating system based on Debian OS. Here we introduce the system login, network connection and other contents. This is a quick guide for users to familiarize themselves with the system.

System configuration

This section describes how to utilize a device or feature with a tool (e.g. rsetup) or command.

Application Deployment

This section introduces the configuration and use of common applications such as Samba, Docker, PVE, OMV, LAMP, Cheese, and Remote Control.

Application Development

Introduces upper level application development, such as QT, WiringX, Mraa, etc.

Hardware development

Introduces hardware information, such as hardware interfaces, supported accessories, and so on.

Lower-level development

Introduces uboot, kernel, debian os compilation and packaging.

Other systems

Introduces other systems than Radxa OS, such as Android.

Accessory list

This section describes the supported accessory models and describes how to use them.