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Welcome to Radxa Documentation

The Radxa Documentation Center is the place for tutorials and guides for supporting Radxa SBCs and accessories, maintained by the Radxa team and community.

Problems encountered

If you encounter any problems while using this documentation, please submit an issue via Github and we will respond as soon as possible.

Join the community

  • Official Forum: Radxa Forum - Main technical support channel, both English and Chinese are supported, Chinese content should be posted in the Chinese section.
  • Discord Community: Radxa Discord - Instant chatting and discussion group, English only
  • QQ Group: 591048098 - QQ Discussion group, mostly Chinese
  • QQ Channel: Radxa QQ Channel
  • WeChat group: Radxa ROCK5B, mostly Chinese


We do not recommend discussing technical issues or seeking help in closed environment such as (WeChat group / QQ group and other APPs that cannot be crawled by search engines), but try to discuss technical issues in open places such as official forums or Github issues. The main purpose of WeChat / QQ group is to socialize and quickly find like-minded people.


We warmly welcome everyone to give feedback on Radxa documentation, contribute patches, add content, and showcase your creations. Just send us PR.