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  • ROOBI is an operating system software developed by the Radxa team, designed for quick installation of operating systems.

  • ROOBI allows for the installation of computer operating systems with minimal configuration required.

  • The ROOBI system aims to provide users with a more convenient way to manage and recover their computer systems.

  • ROOBI operates independently of your normal usage environment and can be used to restore the operating system when the user system is inaccessible.

  • ROOBI allows for the installation of user-created systems as needed.

  • ROOBI is designed to be user-friendly and does not require specialized knowledge.



ROOBI OS will be included with the machine you purchase, so manual installation is not necessary.

If your purchased device is in the supported devices list and has eMMC, you can manually flash the ROOBI OS through this tutorial.

Supported Devices

User Guide

ROOBI OS User Guide