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Getting Started

Getting Started

The NIO 12L packing list contains the following:

  • One NIO 12L motherboard
  • 3 WiFi / BT antennas

You will also need the following additional equipment to get the NIO 12L up and running:

Required items

  • Power supply

    The NIO 12L is powered by a Type-C connector and only supports 5V input. It is recommended to use a minimum 5V/3A power adapter, most cell phone chargers will work.


    Radxa recommends using Radxa Power PD30W.

  • USB Mouse and Keyboard

  • Monitor supports HDMI or USB Type-C inputs

  • HDMI cable or USB Type-C cable supporting video signals


  • USB Type-C to Type-A cable

    For flashing and erasing the NIO 12L image.

  • USB to TTL Serial Cable

    Used for Serial Debug with serial baud rate of 921600.

  • Camera

    NIO 12L supports MIPI CSI camera.

  • Display

    NIO 12L supports MIPI screen, such as Radxa Display 8HD.

Boot up the system

    NIO 12L comes with pre-installed Yocto or Ubuntu or Android.

    For NIO 12L with Yocto or Ubuntu installed connect the Type-C power supply and then press the Power Button for 1 second to boot the system.

    For NIO 12L with Android system installed, after connecting the Type-C power supply, press the Power Button for 2 seconds and the system will start.

    you can find the Type-C power supply(Type-C 5V Only DC Power) and Power Button position at the following figure

NIO 12L Overview