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Third Party Images for ROCK 4 Family

This page provides downloads of the third party images of ROCK 4 Family, the installstions of those images are the same as official images unless otherwise stated.

Community Built ImagesDownload LinkDescription
ArmbianArmbian for ROCK 4 seriesCommunity supported Armbian build
Getting started |Build from sources?
Bullseye minimal / Focal desktop
ManjaroManjaro for ROCK 4B
Manjaro for ROCK 4C
Manjaro Product.Install Wiki
RecalboxRecalbox (Pre-Release of Recalbox v6 DragonBlaze)Recalbox Product.
Install Wiki.
Recalbox Beta. Release notes.
LibreelecLibreELEC (Leia 9.2.1)LibreELEC Product. Install Wiki.
DietpiDietPiDietPi Product. Getting started | Install Wiki | DietPi Release notes
The actual DietPi is based on Debian Bullseye
Slarm64Slarm64 Core (unofficial slackware)
Slarm64 Server (unofficial slackware)
Slarm64 Enlightenment (unofficial slackware)
Slarm64 XFCE (unofficial slackware)
Build 2023-02-19.
Forum discussion
emteriaIndustrial Android for ROCK 4A/4B
Rock 4A/4B Android OS by emteria is designed for product builders. It combines Androids advantages and extends them with enterprise features, such as kiosk mode, integrated device management, OTA update management, application storage, remote screen mirroring, and real-time monitoring of all devices in the field.
Industrial Android OS for Rock 4A/4B | How to install Android OS by emteria on Rock 4A/4B | Forum | Register for free license
Personal Built ImagesDownload LinkDescription
FreebsdFreeBSD 13.0-RELEASEForum Discussion Thread
OPNsenseOPNsense 21.1Forum Discussion Thread
Forum discussion
RockyLinux 8Install Rocky Linux 8 on ROCK Pi 4C-
LibreELEC-RR 9.2.2
Download LinkThis fork comes with all stock LibreELEC 9.2.2 (Kodi 18.6) features but also with 3 different emulation frontends which were integrated into the Kodi Estuary theme. They allow you to run several libretro & standalone emulation cores to play basically all games of the common home consoles, arcade & home computer systems of the last decades.
Debian ARM64
Build 4.4.154.c83
Download LinkImage built by O635789.
Release notes:
OTG support is disabled in the kernel, so you can do ethernet over USB.
Bluetooth is working.
Audio is working.
Hardware acceleration in Chromium is working.
GPIO RX/TX is on ttyS2
[ROM] AndroidTV Pie Custom firmware v1.0
by mo123(2019-09-11)
Download link
Use 7zip to unzip and flash the image with etcher to the EMMC.
Password: radxa
Discuss on the forum
built by mo123 for RockPi 4(2019-09-09)
Download LinkLibreELEC for RockPi 4:
Based on 08/09/2019 LibreELEC code
Upgraded to Kodi 18.4 base
Updated ffmpeg, mpp, rkbin, samba, addons
Enabled install addons from unknown sources by default
Enabled Expert Settings by default
Speed improvements
Added support for 1080p Netflix playback
Added RockPi logo on startup