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Development preparation

Power Supply

Radxa ZERO 3 is powered via Type-C port and only supports 5V input. It is recommended to use a minimum 5V/2A power adapter.


Radxa recommends Radxa Power PD30W.

Boot Media

microSD card, with a capacity of not less than 8GB, used for system startup disk

microSD Card Reader

Used to make system boot disk


With a display with an HDMI interface, Radxa ZERO 3 can support resolutions up to 1920x1080 (known as 1080p) at 60Hz.


ROCK 3W has an onboard Wi-Fi module and can access the network via Wi-Fi.

ROCK 3E does not have an onboard Wi-Fi module, but has an Ethernet port that can be connected to the network via Ethernet.

Type-C Hub

Used for USB port interface expansion, can be connected to external devices such as USB mouse, USB keyboard, etc.

USB Mouse

USB Keyboard




Supported accessories