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Accessory Usage Instructions

This section describes the common accessories supported by the Radxa-CM5-IO and how to use them.

Interface Overview

Radxa-CM5-IO interfaces overview


The Radxa-CM5-IO comes with one 4-lane CSI interface and one 2-lane CSI interface. Below is the list of currently supported cameras:

Camera NameSensor TypeResolution
OKDO 5MP CameraOV56475 megapixels
Radxa Camera 8MIMX2198 megapixels
Radxa Camera 4KIMX4158.29 megapixels
Raspberry Pi Camera V2IMX2198 megapixels
Raspberry Pi Camera v1.3OV56475 megapixels

For 4lane camera usage, please see Camera usage tutorial
For the 2lane camera, see Camera Tutorial


The Radxa-CM5-IO comes with a 4-lane DSI interface and has a 2-lane DSI interface. The following is a list of currently supported screens:

Screen NameResolution
ALLNET 5 inch DSI Display800 ×3(RGB) ×480 pixel
Radxa Display 8 HD1280x800 pixel
Radxa Display 10FHD1200x1920 pixel
Raspberry Pi 7 inch Touchscreen800 x 480 pixels

For 4lane Radxa 8" screen use see Screen Usage
For 2lane Raspberry Pi 7 inch screen use please refer to Screen Usage

WIFI & BT Support Module List

NO.ModelChipWiFiBTWIFI ThroughputRemark
1Radxa wireless A8RTL8852BE2.4G&5G&WIFI65.0up:600 Mbits/sec down: 900 Mbits/sec
2Intel 0MHK36 (PCIE+USB)Intel 31652.4G&5G4.2up:283 Mbits/sec down: 334 Mbits/sec
3Intel 7265NGW (PCIE+USB)Intel 72652.4G&5G4.2up:363 Mbits/sec down: 619 Mbits/sec
4Intel AX210 (PCIE+USB)Intel AX210WiFi 65.2up:859 Mbits/sec down: 813 Mbits/sec
  • Radxa CM5 with Radxa CM5 IO board does not have an on-board WiFi/BT module and requires an external module. The above are supported and tested WITI/BT cards. For wireless module usage, please refer to WIFI/BT Usage

For more information on accessories see Accessories List