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System Installation

This document introduces how to install Radxa OS image to Radxa CM5.

CM5 can boot from microSD card or eMMC, so install os on microSD card or eMMC based on your choose.


Prepare the installation media

  • microSD card (recommended class10 rating or higher)

  • USB card reader

Prepare the image file

Please go to Download Summary to download image.

System installation

  1. Download Etcher ROCK5A via Etcher 01

  2. Open Etcher and flash the prepared OS image to the microSD card. In the Etcher window, click Flash from file to select the OS image you just downloaded. ROCK5A via Etcher 02

  3. In the Etcher window, click Select target. ROCK5A via Etcher 03

  4. In the Etcher window, click Flash! and wait for a progress bar to be flushed. ROCK5A via Etcher 04

  5. In the Etcher window, Flash Complete! will be displayed when the flush is successful. ROCK5A via Etcher 05

System startup

Starting CM5 IO

  1. Insert the microSD card with the operating system installed.
  2. Power up the CM5 IO via the DC 12V power adapter.
  3. The CM5 IO will boot up with the green power LED on, and the blue LED will start blinking when it enters the system.

Frequently Asked Questions



There are two default users for official system.

  1. username: radxa password: radxa

  2. username: rock password: rock

More info please refer to RadxaOS