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Install System to eMMC


  • Radxa ROCK 3A Motherboard
  • eMMC module
  • 1x USB cable (USB C on one end, USB A on the other)
  • 1x 5V power adapter (recommended Radxa Power PD30W)

Image Download

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Enter Maskrom mode

  • Disconnect power to the board
  • Remove the SD card and insert the eMMC module.
  • Connect the USB3.0 port of the Radxa ROCK 3A to the PC with USB A-A.
  • Short the following pins
  • Power up the board.
  • Remove the right yellow jumper cap, keep the left yellow jumper cap.
rock 3a maskrom
  • Check for USB devices _ Linux/macOS: Check if "Bus 001 Device 112: ID 2207:350a Fuzhou Rockchip Electronics Company" is displayed after running lsusb. _ Windows: Open RKDevTool and you will see the device in "maskrom mode". rock 3a select loader bin

Installing the system to eMMC

Installation in Windows environment

Installation for Linux

Booting the system

  • Power up the board and start the system with the status light blinking.

Radxa ROCK 3A supports 5V/12V power supply. Radxa recommends using Radxa Power PD30W.

Frequently Asked Questions