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Radxa OS

Introduces system login, network connection, etc to let user to be familiar with the system quickly.

User name and Password

User name:radxa/rock
Password: radxa/rock

Serial Debug

Most of radxa's products define pins 8 (TX) and 10 (RX) on the GPIO pins as UART serial communication interfaces to make it easier to troubleshoot problems in the early startup phase of the system.

USB to TTL serial cable

The definition of each pin of USB to TTL cable is showing like this:


Connect the USB to TTL serial cable as below.

Radxa SBCconnectUSB to TTL cable
GND (pin 6)<--->Black wire
TX (pin 8)<--->White wire
RX (pin 10)<--->Green wire

Don't connect the red wire (VCC pin)!


Plug in the USB to TTL cable to you windows PC. Viewing the device manager you can find the COM number.

Using serial tool like Putty,SecureCRTPortable and MobaXterm, as Putty for example, other tools have similar oeration。

Launch the application Putty on your windows PC. And do the setting as follows: For category Session, set serial line as COM11, speed as 1500000, connection type as Serial. Write radxa in the Saved Sessions column and press Save.


For category Connection---Serial, do the setting:


Once finish the setting, press Open button to start.

Setting Network

Connect WiFi

nmcli device wifi                                           # Scan WiFi
sudo nmcli device wifi connect <ssid> password <passwd> # Connect to WiFi


Automatic login

Language Settings

Remote Login

SSH Login

VNC remote desktop

Audio and video usage

Chat video use



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