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The office software provided by the operating system includes kate and kwrite. You can find it by entering the software name in the search box.

If you have more office software needs, Libreoffice is recommended.


LibreOffice is a free, open-source office suite developed and maintained by The Document Foundation. It includes multiple applications such as word processor, spreadsheet, presentation maker, drawing and database management, and supports multiple operating systems and file formats.

Install Libreoffice​

Press "Ctrl + Alt + T" at the same time or open Konsole to enter the command terminal. Enter the following command and click the Enter key, enter the password, and wait patiently for the installation.

sudo apt install -y libreoffice

When the installation is successful, you can click the start icon at the bottom right of the desktop, and enter libreoffice in the search bar to find the software.

Of course, you also use command by which libreoffice to find the path of libreoffice.