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ROCK 5 Family

The ROCK 5 series is Radxa's high-performance SBC for server, AI computing and IoT scenarios based on Rockchip's RK3588 and RK3588-S high-end SoC solutions.

Product List

ROCK 5 Model ADescriptionDetails
ROCK 5AThe Radxa ROCK 5 Model A (ROCK 5A) is a compact single board computer (SBC) with a wide range of leading-edge features and excellent expandability.
The ROCK 5A is ideal for creators, IoT players, hobbyists, gamers and PC users who need a specified high-performance and highly reliable platform.
ROCK 5A overview
ROCK 5 Model BDescriptionDetails
ROCK 5BRadxa ROCK 5B is An elegant single board computer (SBC) based on the RK3588 chipset. Its compact size of 100 x 75mm covers almost all the functions of the RK3588, offering excellent flexibility and scalability.
The ROCK 5B provides users such as geeks, single boarders, IoT enthusiasts and university students and teachers with a solid basis for turning their ideas into reality.
It has a wide range of applications in edge computing, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, intelligent surveillance and other areas.
ROCK 5B overview