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upgrade_tool is the software developed by Rockchip for USB flashing on Linux platform.

Installation for upgrade_tool

Please download and extract the following file to install upgrade_tool:

Usage for upgrade_tool

upgrade_tool is used in command line mode similar to rkdeveloptool.


In command line mode, upgrade_tool does not support the selection of a Maskrom device, nor can it select the storage media to be written to.

If you need to select a specific one from multiple devices, use interactive mode.

View connected Maskrom devices

./upgrade_tool ld

Write file


upgrade_tool does not automatically decompress compressed files when writing to them.

First extract the used files and specify the extracted files in upgrade_tool.

sudo ./upgrade_tool db <loader>
sudo ./upgrade_tool wl 0 <image>

Download links for the required Loader and Image files can be found below.

Reboot device

sudo ./upgrade_tool rd

SPI U-Boot and Loader


The SPI/U-boot/loader file is related to the SoC model, you can find it in the following list according to the corresponding SoC model of the product.

Parallel Write

Since upgrade_tool blocks the current terminal when writing to a device, if you need to write to multiple devices at the same time, you need to execute upgrade_tool multiple times to create multiple interactive mode sessions.