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Install OS on eMMC


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Enter Maskrom Mode

ZERO 3W Overview

How to enter Maskrom mode on Radxa ZERO 3W

  1. Remove the microSD card and power cable
  2. Press and hold the Maskrom button on the back of the
  3. Connect the USB of PC host via USB-A to USB-C cable, if the green light of the power supply is always on, it will enter the Maskrom mode successfully

The OTG interface on the Radxa ZERO 3 is TYPE-C, which allows communication between the host computer and the motherboard entering the Maskrom via a USB-C to USB-A cable.

In Maskrom mode, you can use the rkdevtool or upgrade-tool to erase, wire-flash, etc. your product.

Install OS on eMMC

Windows Flash eMMC

Linux Flash eMMC

Boot the system


Radxa ZERO 3 only supports 5V power supply.Radxa Recommended Radxa Power PD30W.