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CSI interface definition

The Radxa ROCK 3A has a 15 PIN CSI interface defined as follows.

rock 3a sci actual rock 3a mipi 2lanes

Currently supported cameras are.

  • Raspberry Pi Camera V1.3 (OV5647)
  • Raspberry Pi Camera V2 (IMX219)
  • Radxa Camera 8m
  • Okdo 5mp Camera

How to use

System configuration

sudo rsetup
rock 3a rsetup camera v2

Confirm and reboot to take effect

Hardware connections

The hardware connections are as follows.


Please note the orientation of the camera cable!

rock 3a rpi imx219

Image preview

The live preview of the camera is recommended to use cheese, run the following command to install cheese:

bash sudo apt update sudo apt install cheese

After entering the desktop, open a terminal and execute the following commands to start the implementation of the preview camera:

sudo cheese
rock 3a cheese