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This document describes how to install an Android image to the ROCK 5C.

ROCK 5C can be booted from microSD card or EMMC, depending on the boot method, the system will be installed on different media.

Install the operating system


  • 1x microSD card (capacity >=16GB, speed level >= class10)
  • 1x microSD card reader
  • 5V power adapter (Recommended Radxa Power PD30W)

Image Download

Please go to Resource Download Summary to download the corresponding image file.

Install the system

We recommend using the open-source image flashing tool Etcher, developed by our partner Balena. Etcher has a user-friendly interface and powerful features, with support for Windows, Linux, and macOS systems. Next, we'll show you how to use Etcher to write an image to an SD card.

  1. Download Etcher and install it.

Please download balenaEtcher-Setup-1.18.11.exe After the download is complete, there is no need to perform any additional actions. After downloading, you can double click it to open it without any additional operation.

  1. Open Etcher

  2. Open Etcher and click Flash from file to select the image to write to.

  3. Click Select target to select the device, please select carefully.

  4. Click Flash! Start writing and wait for the write progress bar to complete.

  5. When writing the image successfully, Etcher will display Flash Complete!.


**If there is an error in flashing, please try again. **

  1. Starting the system

After successfully burning the microSD card according to the above steps, insert the microSD card into the MicroSD slot of (as shown below), power on the system with the power adapter, and then the system will start booting and HDMI will display the desktop.


Recommended official 30W adapter Radxa PD 30W adapter.

sd slot
  1. Logging in to the system

After the system has started, log in using the radxa account with the password radxa.

Boot the system

  • After successfully burning the microSD card as described above, insert the microSD card into the microSD slot of ROCK 5C.
  • The power supply interface of ROCK 5C is Type C port, please connect the power supply port and the adapter with Type-C cable.

Reference Documentation