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Quick Start

Packing List

rock5a pack

The ROCK 5A standard package includes the following items:

  • ROCK 5A motherboard

To start the ROCK 5A, you will also need the following equipment:

  • A 12V/2A or higher power DC adapter with a 5.5x2.5mm plug, positive inside and ground outside.The ROCK 5A also supports PoE power supply. For more details on power supply, please refer to power-supply for more details on power supply.
  • A Micro-HDMI cable and a HDMI-enabled monitor with a recommended resolution of 1080P or higher, a 4K/8K monitor will provide the best experience.
  • A USB mouse and keyboard set, common USB input devices support plug and play.
  • A network cable, which is required to update the system.

The power adapter is recommended to use the official Radxa PD30W Adapter.

Peripherals that are not required but enhance the basic functions of the ROCK 5A:

Installation of the operating system

Refer to the Install system section to install the operating system.

Wiring and power-up

  1. Connect either of the ROCK 5A's HDMI outputs to an HDMI monitor via a Micro HDMI to HDMI cable.
rock5a hdmi
  1. Connect a USB mouse and keyboard to any of the ROCK 5A's USB 2.0 or 3.0 ports.
rock5a usb
  1. Connect the network cable to the Ethernet port.
rock5a ethernet 01
  1. If there is an M.2 Wi-Fi module or SSD, install and secure it using the M.2 screws provided.

  2. Plug the power adapter into the power connector of the ROCK 5A. The unit will power up and start and the power indicator will light up.

rock5a pwr

The entire process lasts about 40 seconds from powering up the system to booting it to the system desktop.