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Install the system on the MicroSD card

File download

MicroSD Card Preparation

Insert MicroSD Card into SDcard Reader, and then Insert Reader into PC's USB Port

Flash the image

Balena Etcher is a cross-platform and user friendly image file burning tool that we recommend you use.

  1. Download Etcher and install it.

Please download balenaEtcher-Setup-1.18.11.exe After the download is complete, there is no need to perform any additional actions. After downloading, you can double click it to open it without any additional operation.

  1. Open Etcher

  2. Open Etcher and click Flash from file to select the image to write to.

  3. Click Select target to select the device, please select carefully.

  4. Click Flash! Start writing and wait for the write progress bar to complete.

  5. When writing the image successfully, Etcher will display Flash Complete!.

**If there is an error in flashing, please try again. **

Boot System

Once the System has been successfully installed in according to the above steps, insert the MicroSD Card into the SDCard slot (as shown in the following figure), and then power on the system, the system will start booting up and the HDMI will display the desktop.

sd slot

Login System

After system boots, you can login the system with the username (radxa) and password (radxa)


The entire process lasts about 40 seconds from powering up the system to booting it to the system desktop.