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Radxa Camera 4K

Radxa Camera 4K


Radxa Camera 4K is an high resolution camera module for Radxa products powered by a Sony IMX415 image sensor with 8.29M pixels and up to 4K resolution. Radxa Camera 4K Module is capable of the following applications:

・ Surveillance cameras
・ FA cameras
・ Industrial cameras


  • Sensor:
    • SONY IMX415
    • Diagonal 6.43 mm (Type 1/2.8)
    • 8.29M pixel
    • Unit cell size: 1.45 µm (H) × 1.45 µm (V)
  • Output:
    • MIPI CSI‑2 4‑Lanes serial data output
    • RAW10 / RAW12 output
  • Lens Specification:
    • Interface Type: M12XP0.5
    • Focal Length(EFL): 2.95±5%mm
    • Back Focal Length(BFL): 4.64mm
    • Flange Back Length(FBL): 4.00mm
    • Single lens operating temperature:‑40°C ~ +85°C
    • FOV
Field of view (Diagonal/Horizontal/Vertical)CRA
D=88.2±5° H=75±3° V=59±2°15°
  • Default ribbon cable length: 150 mm

Data sheet

Physical specifications

Radxa Camera 4K Radxa Camera 4K