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Radxa Display 8 HD

Radxa Display 8 HD


Radxa Display 8 HD is a color active matrix LCD module with touch panel designed specifically for Radxa Single Board Computers. This 8.0 inch display lets you create interactive projects such as tablets, industrial HMI, information dashboards and so on. With a single cable for power, display and touch, and enabled software on‑screen keyboard, the Radxa Display 8 HD gives you full human computer interface without the need to connect a keyboard or mouse. Additionally, a built‑in gensor on the display can be used for automatically potrail or landscape rotation. It has the following features:

  • 8.0 inch LCD
  • 800 x 1280, 16.7M colors resolution
  • Full angle viewing LCD
  • 5‑Point capacitive touch panel
  • Support PWM brightness control
  • Support Color enhancement
  • Built‑in g‑sensor for potrail/landscape rotation



  • Active area: 107.64(H) x 172.224(V) mm
  • Pixel Pitch: 0.04485(W) x 3 x 0.13455(H)
  • Pixels arrangement:RGB vertical stripe
  • Display color: 16.7M
  • Display Mode: Normally Black
  • Viewing Direction: All angle viewing
  • Luminance (cd/㎡): 300 type cd/㎡
  • Contrast Ratio: 1000(typical)
  • Surface Treatment: Anti‑glare
  • Interface: MIPI
  • Backlight: White LED
  • Input voltage: 1.8 V
  • Operation Temperature: ‑20 to 60℃
  • Storage Temperature: ‑30 to 60℃


The Radxa Display 8 HD touch panel is powered by GT911, a new‑generation 5‑point capacitive touch solution designed for 7” to 8” panels, consists of up to 26 transmitter electrodes and 14 receiver electrodes to provide higher touch accuracy. GT911 supports up to 5 concurrent touches with real‑time tracking of accurate position and motion trajectory as well as touch area. Furthermore, it is able to report such information to the host as required.


  • Built‑in capacitive sensing circuit and high‑performance MPU
    • Report rate: 100Hz
    • Outputs touch coordinates in real time
    • Unified software applicable to capacitive touch screens of various sizes
  • Capacitive touch sensor
  • Channels: 26 (Tx channels) * 14 (Rx channels)
    • Cover Lens thickness supported: 0.55mm ≦ Glass ≦ 2mm,0.5mm ≦ PMMA ≦ 1.2mm
    • Adaptive frequency hopping
    • Supports OGS full lamination
  • Environmental adaptability
    • Self‑calibration during initialization
    • Automatic drift compensation
  • Response time
    • Green mode: <48ms
    • Sleep mode: <200ms
    • Initialization: <200ms


1NCNo connection21MIPI_3P+MIPI differential data input
3VCCIOIO VCC (1.8V-3.3V)23GNDGround
4NCINT 124TP_RESETExternal interrupt to the host Reset
6NCINT 226TP_INTExternal Low is active
7GNDGround27TP_SDAI2C data input and output
8MIPI_0N-MIPI differential data input28TP_SCLI2C clock input
9MIPI_0P+MIPI differential data input29GNDGround
11MIPI_1N-MIPI differential data input31VDDVDD 3.3V
12MIPI_1P+MIPI differential data input32VDDVDD 3.3V
14MIPI_CKN-MIPI differential clock input34GNDGround
15MIPI_CKP+MIPI differential clock input35LED-LED Cathode
16GNDGround36LED-LED Cathode
17MIPI_2N-MIPI differential data input37NCNo connection
18MIPI_2P+MIPI differential data input38NCNo connection
19GNDGround39LED+LED Anode
20MIPI_3N-MIPI differential data input40LED+LED Anode

Mechanical Specification

Radxa Display 8 HD