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Penta SATA HAT top board

The Radxa Penta SATA HAT has a 2x5 seat with the following signal:


This seat can be used to link to the top plate, which has a 0.91 inch OLED display and a 4010 fan, which can display IP address and storage information, etc., and the fan is used for cooling.

SATA HAT top board

Software support

In order to get the top panel OLED display and fan working properly, we provide the rockpi-penta package, which can be installed with the following command.

sudo apt update
sudo apt install python3-dev
sudo apt install -y ./rockpi-penta-v0.2.deb

Software configuration

After installing the package, if you need to modify the configuration, you can edit the configuration file /etc/rockpi-penta.conf, the following is the default value of the configuration file.

# When the temperature is above lv0 (35'C), the fan at 25% power,
# and lv1 at 50% power, lv2 at 75% power, and lv3 at 100% power.
# When the temperature is below lv0, the fan is turned off.
# You can change these values if necessary.
lv0 = 35
lv1 = 40
lv2 = 45
lv3 = 50

# You can customize the function of the key, currently available functions are
# slider: oled display next page
# switch: fan turn on/off switch
# reboot, poweroff
# If you have any good suggestions for key functions,
# please add an issue on
click = slider
twice = switch
press = none

# twice: maximum time between double clicking (seconds)
# press: long press time (seconds)
twice = 0.7
press = 1.8

# Whether the oled auto display next page and the time interval (seconds)
auto = true
time = 10

# Whether rotate the text of oled 180 degrees, whether use Fahrenheit
rotate = false
f-temp = false

After modifying the configuration, run the sudo systemctl restart rockpi-penta.service command to restart the service for the configuration to take effect.